Friday, March 30, 2012

Somewhere, in Hanoi

We are all a bit confused with the weather, specially in Hanoi. Is it cold, warm, windy, humid, rainy? Should I wear cotton? linen? wool (NO)? jersey? stretched fabric? It's a period of Fashion Transition. The beginning of spring.

Now Tuyet Anh got it all right. Nothing says "winter's over" like a cropped trench coat!

Trendy, sexy, classy we will never stop thanking the great Englishmen and specifically Mr Burberry for designing such an easy-to-wear and elegant garment. The "normal" trench coat acts as a raincoat, it's waterproof and knee-lengh.

Fashion evolves, and with time and technology, modernizes the garment. Today the trench coat can be found in many forms, colors, and styles.

Hanoians chose the miniature version. And, it's a fact, I've never seen so many cropped/micro version of the trench coat as I've seen in Hanoi.

As a matter of fact, Tuyet Anh is even wearing it like a dress. And why not!

Next step: get rid of the tights.
For that we'll have to wait a little longer.

As seen at LCFS on To Ngoc Van Street.

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  1. trash the tights my dear...elizabeth.