Monday, March 26, 2012

Soi Gương

I was reading some Vietnamese poetry, translated in French (obviously). I wanted to share one extract that I particularly love (it's in French I'm sorry). It's from a book of poems called "Mua Xua Vo Canh" by Do Binh. 

This is the original version:

Soi Gương

Soi gương
chẳng thấy mình
Đem treo xó bếp
hiện ra...
Hoảng hồn
tưởng gặp
bóng ma !
Sáng đèn
mới tỏ
chính ta
dọa mình !

And the French translation
A travers le miroir

A travers le miroir
De ne pas me voir
Dans l'obscurité
de l'angle de la cuisine
Une ombre
L'ombre d'un fantôme
A la lumière
Je me suis aperçu
que je me suis fait peur !


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