Friday, February 10, 2012

Work in Progress: The Teds in the 21st!

This term at London College for Fashion Studies in Hanoi, it's all about Streetwear! Researching concepts, labels, streetstyles, designers, artists, arts, music, graphics, anything that inspires you to create 35 outstanding outfits! Great and yet difficult challenge. Everyone is feeling kind of overwhelemed with this project. You could easily get stuck along the way, and your reseach if not targeted can lead you back to point A.

 I chose to work with the British Teddy boys, an English youth subculture that created a distinctive style by wearing clothes inspired by the Edwardian period. The term “Teddy Boy” came about as a result of a newspaper headline that shortened Edward to Teddy and subsequently to Teddy Boy. What I find particularly interesting is the "Arrogant bad boy" connotation yet with a British kind of sophistication . The Teddy Boy subculture is a very unique phenomenon,  similar in idea to the “rock and roll” revolution in America in the 1950s.

And I'm having a blast, creating modern looks inspired by the Teds, I love the edginess, and the peculiarity of the style.
The whole collection is a women's collection, a strong, androgynous woman who is proud of and totally assume her masculinity.

This is my work in progress.

My "bordel"

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