Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hoi An in the winter

Buddha's Hand

We never get bored of Hoi An. Its streets, history, food, people, fashion...It has this poetic touch that I can't quite describe.  Ha Noi can be overwhelming, so whenever I feel blue, I know that I can escape South to Hoi An. We only spend 3 days there, and the weather wasn't what we were looking for, but the streets were empty and quiet and the coast was exclusively to us. HEAVEN!

We spend a lot of time reading and chilling at a place called Banyan in An Bang, at the end of the lane after all the restaurants and bars (right after AL Fresco and La Luna). It's worth going to this hideaway! The food is yummy, and the staff is really helpful and friendly. Even if the weather is not on your side, the outstanding view and setting creates a relaxing and laid back atmosphere..far from the crowded beaches of Cua Dai.

Oh and of course, yes, I went to the tailor and the shoemaker and the jewelry shop (against Manu's deepest wishes) and the art gallery!  And I spend a lot more money that I should have. But hey Girls gotta do what a girls gotta do How can you not when you are in Hoi An! AND you'll always need an extra winter coat, right? (hum) and you never have enough shoes. I had in mind exactly what I wanted. I think tailors love me as much as I love them. Actually shopping is one of the reasons why I like Hoi An so much. But shhh, don't tell anyone! :)

The resort was beautiful
Sea of shoes
Happy to see the Lebanese flag among others on Hoi An Streets

Selection of Swing Coats

 Banyan in An Bang
My new feutre coat and leather shoes

It takes them 2 days to make them

Roots necklace (100% silver) and a selection of bracelets

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