Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Here we are on Phi Phi island and it's nearly the end of 2011. To tell you the truth I don't even feel like its the 31 st. Maybe I'm too far from reality and with no tv, no electricity, too much sand and salty water, mon amour and my "unwanted" 3G (I will tell you why after) I completely lost the notion of time. Anyhow yes tonight it's the night of decadence and ABBA songs. Fingers crossed phi phi is too hippyish for ABBA. Tonight also means tomorrow we are the first of January so the 2nd is approaching with the end of the holidays. Ark and I have so much to do once I get back to Hanoi.
BUT we are not there yet. I'm still laying down on the beach blogging on my iPhone. People looking at me every time my phone rings like damn women it let go of your phone! Hum hum I start mumbling hum but I can't. I realized the fact that I find it hard for me to lay down and not do anything for more than 3 hours. I get mad. Okay I have my book and magazines. And this amazing transparent water to swim in but THEN. Manu is always telling me to just relax and relax more. But I guess I always need to feel like I'm being productive, doing something!
Today was an amazing day, productive, informative yet not stressful, meaning relaxing.
We took a long tail boat this morning and went island hopping around Ko Phi Phi Don, the main island. Visiting the islands was nice, I mean islands= clear water= white sand= no waves. Phi Phi's reputation is known. What Manu and I enjoyed the most was the snorkeling. It was my first time. It's incredible what happens down there. I loved it. Next step is diving.
We had a very fulfilling day! And we are lucky to be far from the trashy youngsters and some how nasty crowds of phi phi.
It's nearly 7:30 here, we are having dinner on the beach with lots of yummy sea food and cocktails, enjoying lovely Thai dance performances.
Voila my friends. I wish you all a fabulous happy new year from Abidjan to Paris, Beirut to Hanoi, and all over the world. Let 2012 be filled with love, butterflies, delirious moments, exciting surprises, and crazy laughs.

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  1. Waaaaaaaaaw j'adore les deux photos du podium avec la meuf ki chante le soir et le matin!!!happy new yeaaaaaar ma joooooo