Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Fabulous Shoe Gang

While I was on a mission for my design class today, looking to shoot something or someone inspiring, I stumbled upon 3 magnificient pairs of shoes, having tea at the Cafe of the Metropole in Hanoi. I completely fell in love with the wedge boots. The colors and the shape, all is amazing and perfect for a city like Hanoi, where trying to keep a nice pair of shoes in good health is nearly impossible (weather, dirty roads, driving a bike). Perfect I'm telling perfect for Hanoi. I want the same one.

Now "she" was sitting with two "he's"

You can of course recognize the fabulous studded richelieu by Christian Louboutin on the second picture. They do make an impact and are obviously still " a la mode".
Back to the first one and chatting with my future pair of wedges boots, the most amazing pairs of dockers. Matching them with green striped socks makes the look more edgy! he's got it 100%

Ah this was a surprising encounter, as I don't get to meet wonderful shoes like that in Hanoi everyday.
 So here it is the Fabulous Shoe Gang.

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