Sunday, November 6, 2011

The double fine city

 Singapore is all about the money. If you have some, bring all your credit cards and you'll definetly enjoy the experience, if on the contrary you don't have enough: oh well you can give it a try, it's better not to abuse, or it's gonna break your heart and put a whole in your wallet.

The city is exciting, vibrant, with skyscrapers and shopping centers on every corner. It's a city of consumerism. You cannot not spend. Even if you're like" hum no I'm not buying this", wait 5 seconds"well okay, I guess it could be useful, yala what the hell"

Manu and I spend 4 days in fabulous Singapore. I was jubilating, while Manu was kind of missing Hanoi. The big city girl that I am was in total osmosis with the environment. The food, the people, the alcohol ( the real one!!!), the cleaness, and of course the fashion. It's insane!
It's like tomorrow you're going to war: shop until you die!

The thing is Hanoi is not quite the city for shopping, yet! Some shops already opened but Hanoi is more of a treasure hunt city, that's what I like about it. Singapore is the complete opposite, most of the international brands have opened a shop, or 2 , or 3! You'll find whatever you are looking for, just by entering a shopping mall, or even the underground! Yes, there are underground malls. It's an invasion I tell you!
Because I don't get to shop as much as I used to which in a way is positevly affecting my closet and my wallet (hum), I was in Heaven!

We also had a magnificent brunch at this colonial style hotel, the Raffles Hotel. Free flowing  champagne, oysters, and lobsters, and tones of other yummy yummy stuff on the buffet. I think everyone of us ate for 5 people.


At Raffles

Singapore's superficiality , and "hey-look-at-my-boobs-in-my-new-gucci-top-they-rock-right" reminded me of Beirut and it's cheap and vulgar assets. This is why I like it so much. I come from a city where going out wearing no make up is a crime, where alcohol flows like tap water and every nightclub is a whore house. And I miss it! I miss all these! Don't get me wrong it's not that I don't like Hanoi, I love it here. I love my life, my friends, the simplicity, my home, my man, my dog. I just need a break from roots life!

Okay, we drank, we ate, and we shopped approximatly 75% of the time. But we also "explored" the city, yeah explored it a big word, let's say discover! We went to the zoo. Yey. big trip, 40 minutes from the center. Basically it's just located outside of the city. When the bus drops you there, you don't feel like you're going to the zoo, it's fells more like going to an amusement park. It's cute! and huge!
IIt's like a shopping mall for animals. It holds all kinds of animal, weird, funky (proboscis monkey), funny. It was an interesting morning.

During the weekend we spend there, it was also the Indian fire festival, during which they have rituals, prayers, gathering, etc etc going on. We stopped at a temple, just by curiosity and started talking to an Indian couple. We were lucky, they told us today was the last day of festivities, and the silver goddess will come to this temple to give her blessing. They were waiting for her. We decided to wait with them! It was magical, inspiring, transcendental. Its really fascinating, the colors, smells, musical instruments, songs. Everything was intense.
We spend the other morning wandering around Little India, buying textiles, and eating Idly Vadai dosa and drinking Masala tea (South Indian food).

If you ever go the Singapore, make sure you understand why it's called the "Fine City". Basically you can get fined lots and lots of money for almost everything, such as drinking or eating in the subway,  failing to flush a public toilet, walking around nude in your home, and if you are convicted of littering 3 times, you'll have to clean the streets on Sunday's a bib on saying: I'm a litterer!

So beware of the third eye!

On the walls, in the underground

Next the Orchard

Raffles Hotel hotest drink

Inside the Marina shopping mall

Louis Vuitton at the Marina Bay

At the Marina Bay

Fashion illustrations inside one of the shopping malls


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