Monday, November 21, 2011

I want a new hair cut, some lipstick and a new closet.

Last week, I started working with the local TV on a program called" Fashion and Life". What is it about? Well as the title stipulates, it's about fashion and life, life and fashion.

So what happens during this program?
 There are 4 participants, pre-chosen by the program's team. All 4 will take part in a "make over" process (hair, make-up and clothes). There is no need for further explanation as those shows are well-known by everyone, everywhere. Am I right! :)

My role: Miss accessories. I am the Mater of the accessory...and shoes!  I get to pimp the participants with gold and sequins, chains and bling bling, pearls and toc... kidding!!
I'm working with 2 other stylists, and one main stylist. I like the team, they're kind of odd. I don't understand everything as they all speak Vietnamese, but I feel comfortable working with them. Despite the long hours of work, we were enjoying the shoot.

This was my first experience with the Vietnamese TV. The show is televised once a week. The one we just filmed is suppose to come out next month, December.
I guess I'll take part in the next one, as I don't mind shopping and dressing people up. In a way, I help boosting their confidence, in a deeper way, I'm a good Samaritan! (in a good way, yes i'm not being ironic).

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