Sunday, August 28, 2011

We are moving again

I can't believe it's Monday again tomorrow. Don't you just hate only having one actual weekend day  left to chill?  

It's the only time of the week where you get to do your "extra-curriculum" activities. Unfortunately, there's never enough time to go to the gym, enough time to do your weekly shopping,  enough time to catch up with friends,  enough time to party and clearly never enough time to rest and sleep. Weekends are definitely too short.

Usually Manu, Lola and I are officially "off" on Sundays. We go into our ultra-farniente mood, in French we say "en mode glandouillage total et absolu". We stay at home watching old movies, ordering pizza and talking about things that don't matter. Today was the exception to the rule.

We found the perfect house. So for the 3rd time (in 1 year) and hopefully the last, we are moving! And we are moving very soon, like 2 days soon. Nothing was done yet. So mostly everything had to be done TODAY, as we are busy working during weekdays. We had no choice!

First we had to decide what goes (in the new house) and what stays (in the old flat). We ended up deciding that 96% of the stuff would GO. Now we needed to start the packing.
We went downtown to get some boxes (Hang Can street) and newspapers (post office). That's when we remembered that Manu's article was out today! He's writing for a local sports newspaper. He was so happy, he was showing off his picture to the Vietnamese woman behind the counter!

We finally bought 10 mid-size boxes for 140 000VND, pretty much cheap, went back home and started packing. Then we realized that 10 was not enough, we needed 10 more. We have piled up so many silly things that we don't want to let go because we got emotionally attached to.  So yala here we go again, back to the shop: 10 more please, and back home to more packing.

Its nearly 11:30pm now. I am exhausted! But hey, that's a wrap. There are just some basic stuff left but the big work is done. The boxes are nearly all done, they will be gone on Tuesday. We've cleaned up the mess. Nothing more to do today.
Now onto to the next step, sleeping :) Goodnight everyone.
He looks so serious

Lola helping with the boxes

I couldn't get all og them in one frame. This is half!

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  1. Ma jojo! C'est marrant tout de meme, je ne m'etais pas rendue compte qu'on demenageait en meme temps, j'ai aussi emmenage dans notre nouvelle maison, et ceci pour 9 mois, le 29 aout, et intitule dans mes carnets de voyage cette journee ''little boxes'' en reference a cette chanson. Quand a ''we are alright'', c'etait la chanson de ma semaine a Londres avec Narimane en juillet. Pourtant elle n'est pas du tout nouvelle, mais on l'a revisitee.Trop drole, nous sommes connectees! Petit a petit, les droles d'oiseaux que nous sommes font leur nid. Contente que vous ayiez trouve votre dreamhouse! Gros bisous de la grande pomme dans laquelle je croque un peu tous les jours, j'explore, je me perds, j'ecris. A tres vite petit pied de poule marin! xx