Friday, August 19, 2011

"Du Saucisson bien de chez nous" (Estelle)

You know when you have one of those days, you think the world is falling apart and you wonder where all the good energy has gone. It's just went pouf and everything and everyone seemed like CRAP!
Well I had received some bad news the evening before, so the night wasn't very "good". But in the morning, things seemed to get worth. I walked on Lola's pee pee, my hair was having a bad morning, I arrived late at work, there was no electricity, I had to teach 40 kids by myself, blablabla...
In french we say: La Total

And then you received this magical message: come enjoy some good old French saucisses, good wine oh and goat cheese also, straight from France! The tensions go down with all the bad vibes and you start smiling again. 
It's incredible the power food has on us, especially when it comes to saucisson sec and red wine! Mmmmm what a treat we had tonight! Cam on.

We also went to the post office next to Hanoi Airport to pick up a parcel that my sister sent me from Paris. In it: shoes, charger (YEY), old frames and old clock. We were notified by the local customs office that they wouldn't release it as it contained Antiques, which apparently you are not allowed to bring in the Vietnamese territory. Indeed, what we learned is that you are forbidden to import Antiques to Vietnam. 

Now, what happened was that my sister had written "vintage clock" in the description, and the customs didn't like it. So you can imagine my reaction: I was completely oblivious, "no it cannot be happening again?". It's becoming recurrent for me, all those issues I have with receiving boxes (remember last time it took 7months). Anyway, long story short, we went there, Manu and I, and managed to make 2 or 3 statements to the guy, which eventually led us to win back the box, and led him to receive a ridiculous amount of tax money. At this point I was so released that I couldn't care more. 
Merci Rania, I love it :)

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