Monday, July 18, 2011

J'adooore Paris...

I'm back from a one week shopping frenzy in Paris. Well, shopping/business because I did go to shop for Velvet Vintage of course! And lets be honest a few things for me too. 

I also had the chance to attend the 3rd wedding ceremony of Vincent and Suong (they got married in Vietnam a couple of months ago). A great moment of love and beauty like the previous ones. The official ceremony at the town hall was not as boring as predicted, it was quick, funny and very personal! We had lunch after at Vincent's house in Orsay.  Beautiful setting and delicious food. They had rolled approximately 200 nems the night before. On the wedding day we were frying nems in Orsay Ville :) How peculiar!

Oh I missed Paris (saying it with the french accent makes it sound more "chichi"). The cafes, the croissant, the bistrot du coin, the Marais, St Germain, the art, the fashion, the oulala, eh ben and AaaaAh oui oui oui! My friends and family! Bref everything! 

"Paname" was also very relaxing, as compared to hectic Ha Noi. I was lucky, the city was nearly empty, not so much traffic on the roads or even in the shops compared to the usual crowds, specially that all the shops were having a 70% sale!

I was running most of the time from one second-hand market to "fripperies", trying to dig out the most amazing pieces of clothes and accessories I could find. 
The highlight of the week was the night we spent in a 12th century abbey, 50 minutes away from Paris. We had a 12th century room, had a bath in a 12th century bathtub and ate a 12th century like dinner. You embrace, just for one night, the fact that some count or lord slept between those walls and you pampered yourself princess style!

I took tones of photos that I want to blog about. Unfortunately, in the packing rush, the wise and illuminated mind that I am (sometimes I surprise myself) forgot to pack the charger. The camera battery like any other electronic device has a life expectancy. To resume I am photo-less until further notice! 

Haphazardly, I have some pictures taken with my blackberry. That will do for the moment!

A very happy moment

Pregnant Suong, 2 frying pans and 200 nems!

The view around 9pm from the restaurant "Saut du Loup" right behind the Louvres

Improvised Lebanese dinner

My sister's socks artistically decorated by myself
Ah la Vie est belle!

Mixing a brand new Gaga T-Shirt with a vintage bag, shoes and a hat

Even Lola Loves Paris


  1. jadore le pti bain simpathique! la vie est belle indeed :P

    on veut plus de fotoooo on aatteeeend


    love paris!!!!!

    ps : tres simpa le tshirt lady gaga! ton style :)

  2. Merci Titiiii! Rania m'envoi le charger ASAP. :)