Friday, July 8, 2011

Do these t-shirts send the right message?

You know my point of view on clothes with written messages (I'm referring to the hoody nation posts). I am very categorical. No to silly and what they call "cute" slogans. I mean YES  I admit it, it's funny when you read one blablabla and I will keep on posting them... but seriously there are a lot, NO let me rephrase, there are too many outfits that say a lot of stupid and incoherent things out there. It sends out a confusing message.

I've been looking around shops this past month, not for hoodies this time but for t-shirts. Hoodies are quite the catch in this category but believe me I found some unique and exclusive specimens of slogans printed on t-shirts. And they sell, they are indeed VERY popular among the Vietnamese Youth. Once more do they realize what it means or that it means absolutely nothing?

I say we start an anti-message group, with catch phrases like SHIRTS WITH MESSAGES ARE STUPID!

PS: Sorry for the bad resolution pictures, all were taken with my blackberry
So Chanel + Soho makes 2!!???

"The Summer with my flowers" How poetic!

Denimbump! hahahah really!

Poor Plato

Uplifting Incohence

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