Friday, June 24, 2011

"The Untouchables" New and exclusive 2011 Version

Them: You ladies are untouchable, is that the thing? No one can get to you? Well...I do not approve of your methods!

Poulette: Yeah, well... You're not from Beirut.
Chris: We ain't suppose to be bought, we're suppose to be pampered.
Banane: Somebody messes with us, we're gonna mess with him.
Wex: There is no violence in Beirut, just love and Rock'n'Roll.
Lania: You can get further with kind words and nice shoes than you can with just kind words.
Loula: We just happened to be there when the alcohol was flowing
Stephi: NOW get outta here! Make space for the next Lady GaGa.

All the quotes, taken from "The Untouchables", has been altered.
From Beirut to Hanoi...Merci encore Rania :) 

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