Monday, June 6, 2011


During a visit to my "teta" (the Lebanese grand-ma) I discovered in the back of a closet, an old photo album, or to be more specific 3 old album photos. Treasure! So I dug them out, and while everyone was having their coffee and updating themselves with the latest news from the neighbors, I was sent back in time. What a delight.

I love old photos, I can spend hours looking through them, specially when I'm back home, in Beirut.

They awaken memories when you know the people involved and inspire the imagination when you don't. They help you shape an image of the past.
I spent an hour with my sister sorting out who's who. Some of them date from the early 1920's, priceless! Other were taken on my parents and my aunts wedding day.

So, a throwback photo post. Enjoy!

My father in the middle and his brothers. The photo must have been taken during the early 1960's

In Quaroun, Lebanon, with my cousin Halim and my sister, late 1980's

My aunt on her wedding day, during the 70's

My parents on their wedding day, in 1982

My grand uncle with some friends and family (love the dresses)

My grand-parents with my aunts, during the 60's

I couldn't figure out who's who or when it was taken. I guess it's probably the early 60's

My aunt's wedding during the 1970's

My great grand parents, picture's probably taken during the 1950's

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