Monday, June 13, 2011

Disappointing Beauty...

Manu and I have been touring Lebanon for 2 weeks now. We drove through the mountains, meeting people, eating with them and enjoying the scenery. The mountains of Lebanon are magnificent and their people so welcoming. For Manu everything was new so he was taking in every moment of it. As for me, it was like a reminder of one of the reasons why I love my country so much. 

We also traveled along the Lebanese coast, from the North to the South, discovering the beaches. I had already told Manu that Lebanon isn't "known" for its beautiful beaches, but I wasn't prepared for how poorly maintained they are, specially the coastline city of Tyre.

We spent the weekend in the South of Lebanon, sleeping one night in the city of Tyre, approximately 80 km from Beirut. Tyre is a beautiful ancient Phoenician city, and the birthplace of Europa. You can still feel its soul while you stroll through its old streets. The food is amazing, the people are welcoming, the city is refreshing. Also, we slept in a wonderful hotel "Al Fanar" (I promise to blog about it later). 

The main attractions of Tyre  are its historical sites and its beaches. 
I always thought that Tyre was home to the cleanest beaches in Lebanon. So you can imagine my disappointment when I discovered that, despite the water beeing clear, there was tones of garbage everywhere. 

I think it is dramatic, and something needs to be done. 
Here are some pictures I took. See for yourself.



  1. Rien d'├ętonnant!!! toute la cote est aussi sale!! C'est vrmt dommage...ils ne penseront jms a r├ęcolter des fonds ou meme regrouper des volontaires pour nettoyer cette pauvre cote..Que ce soit dans le nord ou dans le sud a chaque fois que je vais a la plage c'est impossible de nager dans la mer..AUCUN plaisir!!!