Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Shopping Quest

So yes I have been lazy this past month, but don't blame it on me, blame on the weather.

I've also realized that I spend too much time thinking and not enough time doing. My mind is constantly racing with new ideas, taking care of Lola, writing, perfecting my Kung Fu style,  blog posts, business opportunities and everything in between. So many ideas yet, very rarely, do any of them come to completion. I suppose in some weird way, I've started believing that as long as I'm thinking about things, they are getting done. Obviously, that couldn't be further from the truth. I'm not doing a third of the thing I should do! Shame on me!

Are we just supposed to take resolutions on NYE?! Surely not!
I choose the 13th of April (Do not ask me why, its just a random selection).

So today is a new day!
The beginning of the end of the old days!?

Khalas! No more! I'm going to focus on moving forward. I'm leaving my usual yi-I'm-too-lazy-today-I'll-do-it-tomorrow behind and I'm going to start exploring more. There are many secrets yet to be discovered in Ha Noi.

Anyway, here I am on a mission, a shopping quest. I am not thinking about something specific to buy, I'm just shopping "rationally" in order to give you guys some ideas and for those who live here some good addresses.

My first fashion discovery in Ha Noi was "La Cage" with its "magnifique" selection of clothes. I decided to dig further. And well lets say that getting dressed is quite difficult for women like me in Ha Noi, "No, too small for you, sorry no bigger. No, this one too, no bigger" @#$%!# (size matters huh). But but but, I did find some wonderful addresses, specially for accessories. 

Princess Secret, on Hang Non Street is one of them. The name may sound tacky, and the decor kitschy, but hey why the hell not! The shop may not have the best selection of clothes but accessory wise I guess if you dig enough you might be surprised. So after a quick tour inside the shop, I stopped at the counter and picked up an amazing oyster shaped ring, a vintage gold and black bracelet and a multifunction hand-made rose shaped accessory.

Princess Secret
54 Hang Non Street
04 39 23 39 79

Make sure to sign up for the VIP card for updates on new collections!

PS: I hope you like the new lay-out I had to change the old one in order to post larger photos.


  1. Jadooore tout!! :) t rousseee??
    and i understand the "too lazy day ill do it tomorrow"! I live in the same vicious circle since a few weeks! and i hate it! stop thinking and act..:) wise decision i guess! So good luck on your "moving forward" step.
    PS: I love the new layout and the new picture :)
    Love youu

  2. in case u don't know the shop is having a crazy sale of 50%. Although there isn't much left yet u can still find some "gems" among the rags if u try hard enough.
    P.S. I'm ur new and really promising customer, lol~

  3. Thank you Maddy! I will def go have a look whenever I have time. See you very soon. Can't wait to show you the collection. Hope you will like it as much as we do!