Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Bow Tie" me up in a daydream

I never liked, or as a matter of fact, never wore bows. Neither in my hair, nor on my clothes or anywhere else. Never been a fan. But Bow Ties are completely different. There is nothing sexier than a woman rocking the bow tie attitude. It might be the gender overlap effect or the combination between a classic and modern style. I think they make all the difference!

I love the fact that you can easily pair them with anything and they w ll  still be edgy! Bow ties are versatile. Pair them with a classic black and white suit, or wear them with a dress, a top or over any shirt! 

I also love the fact that you can steel one or two from your boyfriend! And he would be all gaga when you tie it on! 
I, however, bought mine in Ha Noi. I was walking around the Old Quarter with 2 of my friends, on Hang Ga street to be more specific, when we came across some fantastic bow ties. Ok, I do confess there were some ridiculous colors, such as bow ties with Christmas style colors! I chose a simple and plain black one and a blue and white striped one.

Now the best part! Guess how much they cost us? Not even $1 per bow tie. Isn't that a catch!?