Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome home my long lost friend

7 months!
The box was "dispatched" from Beirut 7 months ago...  And now it's finally home in Hanoi! :)

I wonder how far it traveled, maybe it went all the way around the world. Maybe it was transiting in Ouagadougou and Caracas. Or maybe it's been in Vietnam the whole time without anyone noticing it. I don't know. The fact is the box was sent by the Beirut post office on September, 17th 2010, and it arrived on Vietnamese soil on March, 14th 2011.  Oh well, it's never too late!

After visiting almost all the post offices in Hanoi, at least five times each, I gave up hope. Trusting the postal service's of two "developing" countries, where almost nothing is tracked by computer and everything is written down, was probably not a smart thing to do in the first place.

So you can imagine the relief and hysteria I had when I opened my gmail, and  saw an enormous "URGENT" on the subject title of an email sent by my sister! I couldn't believe it! 

What box

Your box!

My box!?

Your box

Which box?

The one from Lebanon. Your box!

The one that was supposed to arrive in November? My box?!

Your box

It's in Hanoi? the box is at the post office in Hanoi?

So, I went to pick it up ,to bring it back home. I carried the box up 5 stories, and in the process I hurt my back. I hurt it so bad that it's been almost a week of non-stop pain and limited movement.

But who cares. It's finally here!

As I opened it, I read Beirut, I felt Beirut, I smelt Beirut, I walked Beirut, I heard Beirut!

Oh Bliss!:)

The Box

Yey my Mashrou Leila CD

Mmmm Zaatar (thyme)


  1. YEAH! Worth the sore back eh?! You couldn't wait for Manu to carry it up the stairs - I can only imagine how excited you were to bust that box open! Oh the postal service! I remember once when our grandmother in Belgium sent us chocolates and goodies - we picked up an empty box, all chewed up by rats!!! :)

  2. Mmmmm... Moaaaar Za'ataaaar! Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom...

  3. Hamdella 3al Saleme!!!! Unbelievable..finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. Thank you guys! Yes finally it's here!

    @ Nadia: Oh Non! No rats in mine :)It was mosty
    clothes and books :) still I would not deal with the vietnamese post office again!
    @ Rysi: Yes yes more Zaatar to share :)
    @ Rania: I have to find space now, my closet is going to explose!
    @ carine: noooo! I couldn't find it :(

  5. O MY GOD le carton kon tavai fai comen il e arrriverr tou foutu! hayete ton dos en plus a cause de se carton il e maudit celui la!!!
    hehe ta vu tou ckon ta mi??:P

  6. hahahaha il en a bave le pauvre carton! Oui Oui Oui et j'ai aime :)