Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reflection of a Bench

Its the story of two benches:

Lefty and Righty have been sitting in front of each other for ages!! Until today, they have never complained about anything, they  have simply enjoyed their bench life! But time changes.
After Lefty had a accident, and lost a lot of stone,  he suddenly became AWARE. He suddenly began to THINK!

Ben Tre, Mekong Delta

Lefty says to Righty:

-I'm scared, I'm shaking, I'm a wreck, I'm deadlocked, I will probably crash soon...and what have I done? Nothing. All my life I've been sitting here, like a bench!

-Hum, but you are a bench...and you are made to be static...Righty replies.

-Sometimes I get so crazy, I even start painting myself with lipstick.

“Lipstick,” by Martynka Wawrzyniak.

-You are pathetic

-No I am worse, I'm dramatic, I'm histrionic! How Am I suppose to change the world if I don't even have the courage to ask people to stop scratching me while sitting on me! Look what happened! I'm a fragile bench! I'm sensitive too!
I want to be a hero, the Superhero Bench!! So I can save all the benches of the world!

Hero Cigarettes, seen on the highway, next to HCMC

-You want to shut up first, says Righty, very annoyed.

-I'm struggling to find the better side of me!

-Stop struggling so hard, you might explode! I've had enough for one day.  It's too late, you are made of stone, you are a bench, and you'll stay a bench for the rest of your life.

-Ark, you are so pessimistic, replies Lefty, it makes me sad!  It's never too late to change!
I want to live. I've be silent for too long. It's time to fight. I say we start a revolution, a Bench Revolution!!! We can blame it on the chairs or the sofas!!?

In HCMC Prison"Vivre c'est lutter!" (To live is to fight!)

Lefty continues:

-I feel so lonely. No offense. But you never cuddle me, you never cook for me, you never say "I love you Lefty." You never hold my hand, you never kiss me! I need love, you know! I want to wake up every morning next to someone who loves me.

One morning in Hoi An

At this point Righty has already fallen asleep.

-I'm a misunderstood bench!
I want to find what I am after.

He stops.

Okay now! I'm tired of thinking...
Where is the damn button???
I want to press play and start my life before it's too late!

On the wall outside of Ha Noi Rock City