Friday, February 25, 2011

Who Would Have Known?

"OH dance for me, you are Lebanese, come on, belly dance!"

EUH... is it scientifically proven that Lebanese blood is associated with belly dancing!?

"I don't know how to...leave me alone!!!"

I was never interested in belly dancing before coming to Ha Noi. To be honest, I always thought it was kind of old-fashioned  and lame. Out of nowhere, and because the studio was 5 minutes from my house, I started taking classes with my journalist friend Manon Aubel( We became "curiouser and curiouser"!

When you hear the word 'belly dance', you think Egypt, the Middle east, Arabic music, bellies, costumes, bling bling, bra's...
But you never think about Asians!!! We all know that belly dancing is practiced all around Europe and the US. But what we didn't know is that Asians love it!! AND especially Vietnamese women, who are addicted to it!

So Manon and I thought that's a good topic to work on. We met with Ara Hwang, who's a professional dancer from South Korea, and she guided us inside the world of the Rakassat (dancers in Arabic). Belly dancing is actually fun and not easy at all!
The article is coming out very soon!

The pics below were taken with my blackberry, inside the design studio of Mia (a renown belly dance tailor in Ha Noi).

Mai's Shop (Photo taken with Manon's Camera)

Backstage with Ara Hwang and Mai. (Photo taken with my Blackberry)

Manon working the camera (Photo taken with my Blackberry)

Special order: a belly dance costume made out of Hmong fabric (Photo taken with my Blackberry)

Belly dance Costumes (Photo taken with my Blackberry)

There's a nice selection of Jewelry (Photo taken with Manon's camera)


  1. jamoooo belly-dancer!! ;) chou hal jameeel :P

  2. sympa! je veux bien aller la bas kd jirai a HAnoi:) c mieux ke les plans brousse

  3. hahah kika ke tu veuille ou non yaura plan brousse!!! ;)

  4. Merci les amis! :)
    Hehe oui j'ai fait de la dance du ventre et je vous assure ce n'est pas facile du tout! Mais bon ce n'est pas mon truc!

    Kika viens voir ya rien de plus beau que les plans brousses!