Monday, February 21, 2011

Sun oi! Come out, Come out Wherever you are?

I like winter! but I definitely don't 
like winters in Ha Noi!
Don't get me wrong Winter, I don't hate you. 
I'm just not in the mood.
It's too cold. It's too grey. It's too misty. 
It's too sad. It's never-ending!

Sun oi!!!
I miss you

Where are you sun? 
I'm longing to see you
When will you shine again?
When will I feel you again?
I don't want to play Hide & Seek no more!
I must have the sun now!!

The Sun 
by Stephanie Kim 

The sun shines right at me, 
It makes me blind when it stares at me. 

I could see my shadow next to me,
So bold and black, 
But the sun fixes that. 

When the sun turns away into the clouds  
the world starts to darken.  
So dark and black. 
I wonder and wonder will it ever come back?

A trembling bench, my shadow, and I. The sun is omnipresent. Ben Tre, Vietnam

I wish I was standing there right now. Ben Tre, Vietnam

Pinkish Sunset. Mui Ne, Vietnam

Warm sand on my feet. Mui Ne, Vietnam

Sun shining on some of the 246 mini seashells. Mui Ne, Vietnam


  1. oui ca je comprends le manque de soleil :( moi aussi je veut un petit rayon! ya ke du gris gris gris gris!! il finira jms cet hiver!!
    Love the seashells!!! :*

  2. super ton blog, mon petit pdp marin!
    je t'envoie des rayons de soleil, l'hiver ne sera pas long...profite profite, time is so precious!

    peas and love xxx

  3. Merci les filles!
    Je me languis de vous voir...