Saturday, February 12, 2011

Home sweet Home!

We are finally back to the capital! We have been on the road for 11 days, and God I'm glad to be back.
I freaking missed my bed, my fridge, my closet and my Lola d'amour!

Our trip was great, it was the perfect timing to escape the routine and greyness of Ha Noi and go explore the unknown Southern territories(first time in the Delta for both of us). Manu and I enjoyed every second of it. We left from HCMC by motorbike, direction south to My Tho ( the door to the Delta) and went down and up and left and right, and in circles probably at some point. Then all the way back from the north of the Delta to civilization. To finish the trip gracefully we rode 200km east of HCMC to the coast of Mui Ne. 3 days at the beach, kissing and sunbathing.

I have officially been all around Vietnam (NSWE), still haven't' seen  some villages in the North but I can declare I've seen and talked to Nguyens and Phuongs everywhere in Vietnam! (those are two of the most common names here). 

We also spent some time in HCMC! Contemporary and relatively developed Saigon:) I could live there but Manu is a 100% pro North Vietnamese.

M: No no no no qalas (failed but cute tentative to pronounce the Arabic word Khalas, which means finito, finish, end of discussion)we are NOT moving here!

J: But they have Louis, and Marc and Coco!! and they understand English!!
M: But we have Bun Cha, Ribs, vodka Hanoi and Bia Hoi and no need for understanding!
Hehe, a 100% Hanoian!
It is true however that HCMC is just another big Asian city,  whereas Hanoi still holds a lot of charm and character blablabla...
Now enough bullshit, back to the trip.

Here are some numbers:
- 11 days, including 8 on the road.
- 2 people (mon cheri & I!)
- 1 motorbike
- 1517 km's
- Approximately 30 cities
- 10 Ferries
- 25 Coffee stops
- 2 Flat tires
- 1 Boat trip down the Mekong River
- 1 Jeep Ride
- 2 Seasons of Bing Bang Theory
- 2 Ostrich rides
- 1 "ATV" ride
- 246 Mini seashells (which smelled so much, they ended up in the garbage)
- 17 normal size seashells
- 8 Chawarmas/Kebabs
- shit loads of beers
And 956 pictures.

I will be uploading pictures on the blog everyday or so.
So don't worry all will be revealed

Meanwhile, here's an "avant-gout"! 
On the road...

Global Warning: better to prevent than to cure

"Louiiiiiiiiiis! C'est toi la-bas dans le noir?"

A cyclo driver during nap time in Vinh Long

The sweetness of our room in Ben Tre

Tet Delicacies

In the infamous Cu Chi Tunnels

Blurry Vision

At Mui Ne White sand dunes


  1. joelleeee c tro bien, trop fort !haha jetai complètement emporter par ton post!jai hate de voir les autres photos!!!! embrasse moi Manu!

  2. love it love it love it.. love the pictures!!

    hope that your little asses are not suffering after that long ride :) u changed the motorbike I guess.

  3. chouettes photos! vivement que tu me racontes votre aventure! à très vite! bisous


  5. Wex!trop cool! quelle superbe aventure!!
    "Louiiis c toi la bas dans le noir?" hahahahahha!!! love iiiiiiit!
    les photos sont geniales aussi :)
    tu me manque!!!! t'aime fort!

  6. jlai relu encore et encore jladore!!!

  7. I can imagine that was a lot of fun. I enjoyed reading this Joelle! You are a funny girl. A bientot! Bisous
    Thuy (Baptiste) ;)