Thursday, January 27, 2011

Down Memory Lane

J'etais en train de mettre de l'ordre dans mes documents photo quand je tombe par hasard sur celle-ci.
This shot was taken in August 2009, in Beirut, Lebanon ,when I was still working with MC. It was a fashion shoot for Layalina September "Special Tendance" issue! 
Our gladiator dressed like model had gigantic fat-free legs, she could put Mandy and I in her pocket (bon maybe not as it is quite unlikely Mandy and I fit in, no offense taken from my side, and I assume Mandy's side). In short we looked like Lilliputians next to her! 
Anyway, I cannot seem to remember exactly how we ended up standing like that or even who decided we should immortalize this particular point in time but "yi" I will never forget how much we laughed.
I like this picture. When I look at it,  I feel like it was yesterday.  Il y a certains moments dans la vie qui ne s'effacent jamais, comme aurait dit Hamiine "C'est mediocre" mais comme aurai dit  Dalida "c'est tres bien comme ca"

Picture by Sandra Chidiac