Monday, January 31, 2011

De la Mode et plus si affinitees....

Ah found it! I've been looking around Ha Noi for months now for a place like this. A place of fashion, of art, of creativity, an inspiring place for any fashion lover. Nick and Loan are the fabulous treasure hunters that I've been  looking for and "La Cage" is their hideaway. They both have a peculiar eye for fashion , they love clothes and they dare to play. Nick was living in London, and Loan in Paris. They met when they came back to Ha Noi 2 years ago, and they decided to open this magical little shop, somewhere safe from the popular eye. The location of the shop is part of the experience. It is unusually hidden in an alley way, the sign can be mistaken with the wall, it's all about discretion. Then when you get inside, you get inside the world of Nick and Loan. Their fashion sanctuary is also their house. Once in, they both make you feel like you are home. The place looks like a big closet! Clothes, shoes and accessories are disposed in a "mysterious" way. I start my quest for the unfindable, I am not looking for anything special, maybe some winter clothes. Loan comes and starts digging into this pile of sweater, she picks up a jumpsuit and blue cardigan, male cut:"Try it out". It looked amazing. As it turned out, the young owners provide personal styling assistance, a first in Ha Noi.
This is the top shopping destination place of Ha Noi! The selection of clothes is unique, from trendy to vintage, classy to casual, you can also mix and match and make it more personal! All you have to do is dig, il y en a pour tout les gouts! Thank you Nick and Loan!!!
I would definitely recommend "la Cage", the whole package is to die for!!


  1. Ca aurai été cool une photo de la alley!!!
    u found ur paradise!!! les fringes c d'europe ou d'un peu partt????

  2. NICEEEEEEE!!!jadore la combi!!!

  3. tro simpa!!!wai la combi te va troo!!! like like!!

  4. Niiice:) jme souviendrai surement de la cage si un jour j'irais a Ha Noi! hehe
    Ca fait toujour plaisir de lire tes aventures Joelle, keep going :D bisouxxxxxx