Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cats, Sound, and Visuals!

Tha Trickaz rocked the hell out of Ha Noi yesterday night at the Hanoi Rock City.
Both artists wore cat masks during the whole gig, frankly bravo it was freaking hot inside. We first thought that the masks were a reference to the new year of the Cat (the chinese New Year is on the 3rd of February). But as it turned out it is their trademark! Those guys played live for nearly 3 hours in front of an over-excited crowd of mostly expats! It was brilliant.  J'avais l'impression d'etre dans un club underground a Londres ou Paris, alors que j'etais au premier etage d'une baraque en plein Ha Noi!
Anyway, tout etait bon, le son, l'ambiance, la venue! Ca faisait un bout de temps que je n'avais pas danser comme ca!  Can't wait for the next round!


  1. Ja Wel !! yeeey
    tro cool detre de nouveau "a tes trousses" :)
    khey khey khey ! on va revivre tes aventures avec toi all the way
    tres forts ces CATS :**

  2. Pas mal du tout ces tricaz!!! La soiree a du etre top!! Miss you beautiful :*

  3. c coool tou sa!! YO THA TRICKAZ hahah tu tamuse la jo