Monday, December 27, 2010

Langkawi, Malaysia

I decided it was time to get away from cold and grey Ha Noi, so I booked a flight to Malaysia.
I met up with my good friend Adelaide in Kuala Lumpur. She treated me to a Lebanese lunch (ah reminiscence) and we went on a "mini" shopping frenzy. In the evening we took a flight to Langkawi, which is an island in the North West of Malaysia. Et voila les vacances!! Aaaah sea, sun and reggae for 5 days.

Adelaide soaking up the sun on one of Langkawi's beautiful beach

Babylon: a place of peace, laughter, and reggae music!

Amazing pinkish sunset

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  1. Ohhh J'aimerais me teleporter dans tes photos!!! U must have had a blast!!!