Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Patterns

I've been the laziest blogger ever! Having one month to wrap up a whole 3 months design project, I did not have so much choice, but work work and more work. Bon enough talking about that. During this week, I also had to cooperate on another video for VTV3. For this one, I worked with patterns. Stripes and polka dots, flowers and graphics, they are everywhere this summer. They are fun, trendy and easy to wear. And to create uniqueness, play and coordinate different patterns together!

And the video is also the debut of Lola as "dog-star"! She's loving it.

Here it is

Oh and by the way, I just arrived in Paris! Vacances Vacances. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Retro 2012

It's been out for a week now, and distracted me completely forgot to blog about it.
Anyway better late than never nha!
Here is the video we worked on for VTV3. 
I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Music: Glory Box - Portishead
Directed by: Duc Anh Vo
Cameraman: Ung Dut Kiem
Directors of Photography: Lizo Glennard & Dau Thai Son
Stylist: Joelle Firzli
Make up: Heather Chan
Models: Huong Giang, Xuan Lan, Cam Anh, Ha My, Le Trang

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fashion Trend Video [BACKSTAGE]

A new fashion trend video is airing this weekend, tomorrow actually, on VTV3 (I'm not sure what time :S). The concept was based on a music video but with different shots, and close-up to show the outfits and other fashion details. 5 absolutely gorgeous Vietnamese women (Go Lim band (Chuoi, Lan, My), Giang and CA) played the role of a "girls gone bad" band with the most beautiful trip hop sounds playing in the background, Portishead's Glory Box. We created 5 dark retro grungy looks, using the Velvet Vintage stock. Oh yes, we pimped up  the girls to embrace the 90s as vintage!! Great team and stunning work. Here are some backstage photos.
Details of video and video later to come.



Tarot reading





DA and the camera crew



Heather at work

On the set

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Velvet Vintage April 2012

The second edition of the Hanoi Flea Market is on its way. Velvet Vintage (the vintage project I've been working on with Virginie for almost a year now) is once again participating to this highly popular event. YES Vietnamese girl (and Boys) are MAD about vintage.

This time as we didn't have time to travel to Europe and Canada, we went to markets, second hand shops and private sellers around Asia. From Phnom Penh to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Vientiane and Bangkok we carefully scrutinized all potential garments and accessories. As we assumed the quality wouldn't be as good as in the West, we were being really careful keeping our eyes open to any defaults. It's actually the same, YES some pieces need mending and it's relatively more difficult to find good sellers but if you are patient enough and you dig good you'll find treasures. During our quest we discovered some interesting and singular shops where we found the most incredible pieces.

For this edition, Hanoi Flea Market went with a theme, and they chose to do a 1970s revival, Hippies and gypsies inspired. "The Summer of Love". So we basically focused our search on the 1970s. BUT temptation was too strong, and we couldn't miss the oportunity to acquire some amazing pieces from other decades.

I've already uploaded some pictures of the garments on our blog: and on our facebook page Here are also some pictures from my favorites.

And come join us at the Hanoi Flea Market on the 6th of May at No264 Au Co
Str, Tay Ho Dist, Ha Noi. Time: 9:00 a.m – 5 p.m.


She Likes Stripes and My Neighbor's Ties

La Dame Gitan

La Day Dreamer and Lavender Disco Queen

Where is Dorothee?

Le Colibri and Le Green Hornet with My Neighbor's Ties

Sunday, April 8, 2012

LCFS's final term Showcase

Every end of term at the London College for Fashion Studies in Hanoi, the student union organizes a mini fashion show, where some outfits chosen by the teachers are showcased. This time, I was appointed MC with Hoang. And my outfit was picked. So you can imagine my excitement. We all worked so hard, developing ideas and creating concepts of our own. So you kind of feel over the moon every end of term, knowing what you've done was appreciated. I will write a post next week about the concept I worked on.

So back to the showcase. Our teacher May was the main coordinator, she prepared everything very carefully. All the cac ban were at the school all day fixing and putting things together in order for the mini show to be a success. And it was! Mr Douglas who was invited from the Northumbria University specially for this event was positively surprised and impressed by the talent of the students, which put a smile on everyone's face.

The show was divided into 5 parts. Term 1 and their white shirt project, term 2 and their street wear project, term 3 with soft tailoring, term 4 and evening wear, and the second year's final collection.
And it was a full house! LCFS's hall was packed with students, parents, teachers, friends, fashionistas and photographers etc. Models were chosen among the students, no giggles or awkward walk was permitted, as Ha Dang, an experienced model with a killing signature move, took matters into her hands, and taught the girls how to walk graciously while keeping a straight I'm-a-model-you-know-what-I-mean face. And god knows she's good at it!

For my part, I had the whole script written in English in my hand, so I was prepared. My issue: trying to pronounce my words carefully. English is not my first language, it's the 3rd, French and Arabic come first. What happens is that I kind of completely loose the English accent and switch back, very strongly, to the French one when I'm in front of  a crowd. I don't where that reaction comes from, as I'm neither timid nor stressed. Its quite an interesting linguistique/social related phenomenon. The good thing is that it automatically cooled down the atmosphere and during a fashion event that's perfect.

I could not take any pictures as I was on the stage, so I gave my camera to my good friend Natasha to snap some poses and lots of wires (sorry). Here is a little bit of everything!

Term1/White Shirt 

Term2/street wear

Term2/street wear (Ha Dang on the left)

Term2/street wear. my design

Term 3/ soft tailoring

Term 3 / soft tailoring

Evening Wear

Jason, Douglas, and Miss Hang

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Somewhere, in Hanoi

I have had the busiest week/weekend of my life. Shooting with VTV3, designing my boards, and shooting for my final presentation at LCFS. I also want to keep on working on Hanoi Streetstyles, so I'm always carrying my giant camera looking and hunting for inspiring and unique street style outfits, which believe me can be a pain in the "popotin".

I was shopping for VTV3 with the whole team last Friday when Ku entered the room to my delight. The guy is pretty wicked. I don't know many men in Hanoi color their hair blue, and manage to pull it off. I love the choice of textures in the outfit, a cotton colored shirt with a light shiny see-through sweatshirt. Fashion is also about accessorizing. A pencil colored like fabric clutch, rings, bracelets, a tacky watch and trendy old-fashioned sunglasses.
Oh and he's also the owner of the A Mon Avis shop, on Cha Ca street.

As seen on Cha Ca Street, Hoan Kiem District in Hanoi

Friday, March 30, 2012

Somewhere, in Hanoi

We are all a bit confused with the weather, specially in Hanoi. Is it cold, warm, windy, humid, rainy? Should I wear cotton? linen? wool (NO)? jersey? stretched fabric? It's a period of Fashion Transition. The beginning of spring.

Now Tuyet Anh got it all right. Nothing says "winter's over" like a cropped trench coat!

Trendy, sexy, classy we will never stop thanking the great Englishmen and specifically Mr Burberry for designing such an easy-to-wear and elegant garment. The "normal" trench coat acts as a raincoat, it's waterproof and knee-lengh.

Fashion evolves, and with time and technology, modernizes the garment. Today the trench coat can be found in many forms, colors, and styles.

Hanoians chose the miniature version. And, it's a fact, I've never seen so many cropped/micro version of the trench coat as I've seen in Hanoi.

As a matter of fact, Tuyet Anh is even wearing it like a dress. And why not!

Next step: get rid of the tights.
For that we'll have to wait a little longer.

As seen at LCFS on To Ngoc Van Street.

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